This is an area in which clients face increasingly desperate situations and housing barristers face increasingly complex housing law, and the team is committed to providing expert and reliable representation.

The housing team’s barristers have an excellent grasp of the technicalities of possession claims and strive to identify new and unusual defences.  Our barristers have particular expertise in defences to private sector ‘section 21’ claims, and in defences that rely on knowledge of social welfare, immigration, discrimination or public law issues.

We work with our clients on all aspects of housing law, including allocations, possessions, arrears, right to buy, eviction, squatters, harassment, succession, homelessness, tenancy agreements, licenses and travellers. Our work also includes bringing and defending claims for breach of covenant, overcrowding, disrepair and housing condition, service charges and houses in multiple occupation.

Our barristers can provide expert advice and representation on all aspects of housing law including:·
•  Anti-social behaviour        
•  Disrepair and housing conditions        
•  Equality and Human Rights issues including disability and     discrimination·        
•  Homelessness and allocations        
•  Housing strategy, policy and procedure
•  Housing Benefit        
•  Judicial reviews        
•  Management and policy        
•  Possession and eviction        
•  Rents and service charges        
•  Unlawful Eviction

We accept instructions from local authorities, housing associations, registered landlords, private landlords and tenants.

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    Passionate Legal Experts
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    High levels of knowledge and experience in all housing matters
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    Advice can be provided in conference to discuss your case and provide detailed prospects
Our Housing Experts:

Tim Pullen

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Charlotte Davies

Barrister & Deputy District Judge
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Sancho Brett

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Stephen Barratt

Pupil Barrister
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Samuel Knight

Pupil Barrister
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Abigail Leigh

Pupil Barrister
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