Pupillage Practice Update on Samuel Knight

During first six, Samuel had the privilege of gaining experience in a number of complex areas of Civil Law.

Summary of Work

Samuel commenced pupillage in October 2023 under the supervision of Rawdon Crozier. During first six, Samuel had the privilege of gaining experience in a number of complex areas of Civil Law including landlord and tenant, real property, trusts, personal injury, contract, tort, planning, and more.

Since starting on his feet on 02 April 2024, Samuel has appeared in a wide variety of hearings including small claims trials, infant settlements, Stage 3’s, and applications under the Civil Procedure Rules throughout the South West. Samuel has also received a number of paperwork instructions on complex contractual claims and park homes litigation, as well as providing a number of written Advices on Quantum in personal injury matters.

One of Samuel’s recent cases involved providing an updated Advice on Quantum for an infant client in a personal injury matter, taking into account the recent updates to personal injury damages in the 17th Edition of the JC Guidelines. Samuel’s written Advice focused on the uplift between the 16th and 17thEditions of the Guidelines, leading his Instructing Solicitor to secure a 22%uplift to the lay client’s damages.

Samuel is a quick-thinker who is fast on his feet, employing a detail-oriented and flexible strategy in every case to secure the best outcome for every client. In one recent case, Samuel was required to resist a last-minute application by the Claimant to amend their Claim Form so as to properly plead a Road Traffic Act contribution against his Defendant-insurer client who had voided their insurance policy with the driver. Samuel’s detailed knowledge of the relevant Civil Procedure Rules and White Book commentary meant that the application was refused, resulting in the entire claim against the Defendant-insurer being struck out as there was no legal basis on which the Defendant-insurer could be pursued.

Due to his attentive approach and drive to achieve the best possible outcome in every case, Samuel has already begun to receive repeat instructions from clients, many of whom praise his professionalism and approachability.  


Interesting Cases / Good Results

Latent Defect Claim

Samuel recently settled a Defence in a latent defect claim arising from the sale of a renovated property. Some 17 months after the renovations were completed and the property was sold on, the Claimant sought to pursue the Developer for a burst water pipe that had been installed by an independent contractor. This was an interesting case which involved an analysis of the applicability of the Consumer Rights Act2015 to the transaction, as well as complex legal issues relating to latent building defects and the liability of a Developer for work carried out by an independent sub-contractor.


Park Homes

Samuel has been involved in a number of park home cases in conjunction with members of Chambers. These cases have required Samuel to consider and advise on numerous elements of contract and tort law including the law on negligent misstatements, breach of implied terms within the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and interpreting the terms of draft park home agreements with a view to advising on their suitability for lay clients.


Small Claims

Samuel has represented Claimants and Defendants in Small Claims trials throughout the South West. These have included Road Traffic Accidents, Credit Hire claims, Contractual Disputes, among others.

Samuel’s recent successes include securing the complete dismissal of a claim against a Defendant insurer where the cause of action against them had not been properly pleaded, another Defendant claim in which the level of damages was reduced by over £10,000, and a number of substantial wins on behalf of Claimants through effective legal submissions on impecuniosity.

Samuel also has an excellent track record of negotiating favorable settlements for his clients where appropriate. His client-focused approach has ensured a number of positive outcomes in cases where the prospects of success at trial were reduced to 50%or lower.


Stage 3’s

Samuel has represented both Claimants and Defendants in a number of Stage 3 matters throughout the South West. Samuel has a strong track record of securing good outcomes for his clients, including a recent case on behalf of a Defendant where, despite the substantial uplift to Personal Injury damages in the latest edition of the JC Guidelines, Samuel managed to beat the Claimant’s Stage 2 offer and avoid any adverse cost consequences to his client.


Infant Settlements

Samuel recently secured a higher settlement for his Claimant client after advising his Instructing Solicitor prior to the hearing that the level of damages were no longer appropriate under the new edition of the JC Guidelines. This led to are negotiation of the settlement and substantially uplifted damages for the Infant Claimant, as well as prompting further negotiations on costs and allowing them to be settled prior to the hearing.

Samuel’s diligent and thorough approach to his work means that his clients always get the highest quality service and the most positive outcome possible.


Landlord and Tenant

Recently, Samuel was involved in a substantial rent arrears case where the amount of rent owed was disputed on the basis that the tenant had purported to serve notice to quit some months prior. This led to legal questions about the validity of service of the notice, the Landlord’s knowledge of the notice, and what (if any) effect it had on the rent arrears.


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