Liam Gribbin

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Practice Overview

Liam joined KBG in November 2018.

Liam is an established practitioner with extensive experience of care and private law proceedings. He undertook his pupillage and accepted a tenancy at Fenners Chambers, Cambridge for 12 years where he specialised in all aspects of family law. He appeared in the Court of Appeal on a number of occasions; three of the reported decisions are Re W [2012] EWCA Civ 528, Re F[2013] EWCA CIv 726 and Re L [2012] EWCA Civ 721.

In 2013 Liam relocated to the south west where he was employed for five years as in-house Counsel for a local authority. During that period he represented the local authority in all types of public law proceedings as well as providing training to the local authority lawyers and social workers.

In addition to his court experience Liam is the public law Consultant Editor of Hershman and McFarlane Children Law and Practice(Bloomsbury Professional) and is a co-author of A Practical Approach to Family Law (Oxford University Press).

Practice Areas
Children (Public Law)

Liam represents parents, local authorities and Children’s Guardians within public law proceedings. He has recently undertaken NAI and Munchausen’s by proxy fact finding hearings for local authorities, sexual abuse allegations on behalf of alleged perpetrators and High Court DOLS and inherent jurisdiction applications.