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Practice Areas

Crime - Regulatory Crime, Prison Law & Judicial Review

Regulatory Crime

The Regulatory Group is able to draw upon a breadth and depth of call, experience and skill within Regulatory Compliance. We offer advice, often at short notice, and advocacy in a variety of Regulatory Compliance areas for example:

•Prosecutions on behalf of the General Medical Council at its Fitness to Practice Panels
•Food safety
•Liquor licensing
•Police civil actions
•Consumer protection
•Trading Standards
•Marine and Fisheries related regulations
•Animal Health & Welfare
•Health & Safety

This Group also has an array of experience of prosecuting (both for the Health & Safety Executive and for numerous Local Authorities) and defending in all manner of cases ranging from the more minor regulatory breaches typically dealt with by magistrates to the largest, most serious and complex matters in the Crown Court, often concerning fatal accidents. Group members are also experienced in representing parties in coroners' inquests into fatal accidents.

These examples represent but a fraction of the areas covered by the members of the group, click on the group members' individual links for greater details of CVs and areas covered.

Prison Law

We recognise that an active and motivated approach is needed in all aspects of Prison Law. Funding is more widely available then previously, (through the Criminal Defence Service) and the criteria are both means and merit tested. We are happy to advise on funding issues.

This area of law often involves significant issues of law and fact. The provisions for indeterminate sentences were extended under the Criminal Justice Act 2003. The Dangerous Offenders provisions came into force in 2005, allowing indeterminate detention for public protection (IPP). This has led to a considerable increase in prisoners
serving indeterminate sentences. As a consequence there has been a notable rise in the number of parole hearings taking place each year.

We have a group of practitioners specialising in this fast developing area, and are keen to further expand our involvement in this work. They travel to prisons all over the country for hearings.

List of team members

Deni Mathews Call 1996 Profile
Joe Stone QC Call 1989 Profile
Garth Richardson Call 1975 Profile
Nicholas Lewin Call 1989 Profile
Nigel Hall Call 2001 Profile
Michael Brown Call 2010 Profile
Francesca Whebell Call 2011 Profile
Sancho Brett Call 2011 Profile
William Willden Call 2013 Profile
Katie Churcher Call 2013 Profile
Christopher Cuddihee Call 2018 Profile
John-Paul Fitzgibbon Call 2018 Profile

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